Welcome to the database of the Network for Observation of Volcanic and Atmospheric Change (NOVAC).

Database description

This database presents volcanic gas emission data from NOVAC, the global Network for Observation of Volcanic and Atmospheric Change. For each volcano, data from one or several NOVAC Scanning mini-DOAS instruments are combined with meteorological information to derive daily statistics of total SO2 emission from the volcano. Different versions will be published, differing by the algorithm used in the evaluations. Data is kindly made publicly available by the volcanological observatories and institutions responsible for data collection and evaluation, on the condition that credit is given according to the NOVAC Data Use Agreement. For further information please refer to Contacts.


Initial funding for producing this data-set was provided by the European Commission FP5 (DORSIVA project) and FP6 (NOVAC project). Also funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (Deep Carbon Observatory/DECADE project) is thankfully acknowledged. Operation of the NOVAC network is funded through initiatives of the Volcano Observatories, and support from the Volcano Disaster Assitance Program of USGS.